Allegations of sexual misconduct occurring in every sector of our society including business, education, religion and government have shocked our nation in the past several years. It is the employer's  responsibility to ensure a safe environment for employees, students, and congregants to work, learn and worship. Inappropriate, prohibited, and offensive behavior can have devastating consequences to organizations, as well as their leaders. It negatively affects one’s personal well-being, as well as exposes individuals and the organization to costly lawsuits. This training will provide the tools to help protect your staff, students and congregants from the devastation caused by sexual abuse. Moreover, this workshop can help leaders avoid situations that might lead to false or misdirected allegations of impropriety due to problematic behavior. The symposium will review the most important things every leader MUST KNOW in order to protect the safety of those you serve and work with, as well as safeguard yourself and organization from costly lawsuits. It is a MUST ATTEND workshop for every leader in every organization, large or small. Topics covered will include:  

  • How to identify and spot inappropriate behavior that may constitute sexual harassment
  • The legal definition of sexual harassment and the general definition of child sexual abuse
  • The various forms of sexual misconduct
  • Reasons why organizations and their leaders are sued and how to avert lawsuits
  • What to do if presented a complaint of sexual harassment or child sexual abuse
  • Characteristics of  child sexual predators
  • Who are mandatory reporters and basic guidelines for responding to suspicions and allegations of child sexual abuse
  • The basic components of a proactive prevention program plan
  • New Federal guidelines relative to sexual harassment, based on gender identity  and sexual orientation
  • How to  reduce the risk of exposure to 3rd party complaints and much, much more

Venue Details
Trinity Temple
11922 Food Lane, Grandview, Missouri 64030, United States